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We will skip most of the sales talk about what a great site we have. As you can see we have a pretty unique site that appeals to anyone who likes hentai or anime. We always update our site which ensures we have great member retention. Since our site is on the HentaiKey network you can be sure rebills stay up since any member gets access to over 100 sites. You'll get paid either $13 per signup with $10 on any rebill that member may incur.


Q: Why should I choose to promote OrgasmicAnimation?

A: Quite simply we're the best when it comes to hentai. We have the best quality product, the best quality design and the most experience around. Check out HentaiKey and you will see what we mean. Don't fall for all the other sponsors that people over-promote. They have ridiculous signup ratios of 1:1000 or worse, have crummy tours and they only add tiny updates and do very little work, or worse they only have tiny clips. This is terrible for your rebills. You will make more money with us because our product converts. Our public area shows potential members exactly what we are offering them with huge, bright pictures and trailers for every movie. We dare you to show us a better site that does what we do. We keep members for months. How about converting up to 1:50? Your earning potential is unlimited.


Q: Is your content unique?

A: We have exclusive deals with Anime 18, Adult Source Media and Japan Anime, the largest supplier of licensed Hentai content in the US that allows us and only us to have their movies. That means all of the movies you see on our site are 100% exclusive. With a deal like this we can offer potential members something that nobody else is allowed to do... the entire Anime 18, Adult Source Media and Japan Anime's collections of licenced movies. We are in the process of striking similar deals with other Hentai and Anime suppliers such as MMG so you can be guaranteed that we have alot more new and exclusive content on the way. We also have a massive selection of artwork, including the artwork used in the design of this site that is 100% exclusive to us and HentaiKey. Nobody else can offer you what we can. Stop promoting sites that use stolen or illegal content, risking you and your business to legal troubles. Promote us and sleep easy at night knowing that we are the only one out there that is 100% legal and licenced in the world of Hentai!


Q: What Is My Earning Potential?

A: We pay you $13 per signup and $10 for each rebill. The average member stays on for 6 months. Our product is that good, especially when you combine it with the HentaiKey Network. We do all the regular updates and previews. You do nothing but send traffic, be it from galleries, mgps or search engine work. If you have links to other sposors on your site, just add one of ours. It's that easy. We won't fool you with false numbers and lies like other programs. We make the best product out there and make lots of money doing so. For you experienced webmasters our site will make you income you didn't think was possible before. And for the novice webmasters you will start seeing money right away.


Q: Other programs pay me much more than you

A: Yes, some sites will pay you $20 or $30 dollars a signup but trust us, your rebills will suck with them. Those sites usually only have tiny 20 second clips. Members can download their entire site in an hour or two. With us and our affiliation with HentaiKey your members will have access to over 100 sites and it would literally take them weeks to download everything if they tried 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a high speed connection. With us you can earn $50 or more from a member since they will stay for months.


The only rules are:

Don't spam. Absolutely no unsolicited email advertising.
Don't post your affiliate link in newsgroups.
Don't lie about what the surfer will get.
Don't put your affiliate link on a page with illegal content (this includes but is not limited to child porn and bestiality).


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Well then, just fill out one of the forms below to get started. We have two options for you. You can signup for our $13 signup with $10 rebills for the life of a member on any rebill that member may incur.

Once you have submitted your information you should get an email with all the required instructions to get started. US residents, don't forget to submit your tax ID (It is the law after all). You can also ask any questions about payouts or the actual program itself at support @ hentaikey . com such as allowing payments by Epassporte



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Of course we do! Here are a few you can use or feel free to make up your own, just make sure to add your referral link when you do so you can get paid




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